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Had a 18 year old virgin dick in my mouth for breakfast 😋


So earlier today I got to meet up with another nice young man from this site (user:Jakee01) He is 25 and he is really nice. He had one GF and she only ever gave him handjobs. They tried sex once but she was hurting too much and they couldn’t manage it. He only got the tip in. He is super shy and has self confidence issues

I sat next to him on the couch and we started kissing. I expected him to be very clumsy but he wasn’t. He made a mistake of going for the tongue really quick but I slowed him down and he became really gentle. He touched me everywhere and grabbed my boobs and ass

I enjoyed that as I reached his crotch. He was already hard and eager to do it. So was I, from what I’ve seen he had a really pretty cock.

I reached under his pants and took it in my hand. I gave him a couple of strokes when he started squirming and asking me to wait. I told him that we are in no rush and I let go of his cock. He got up, took his clothes off and it was indeed a really pretty cock. I took my panties off and opened my legs.

He had to almost crouch to reach me and put it in. He did, it was clumsy and didn’t properly go inside. As he leaned in to kiss me his cock kept falling out.

After a couple of minutes of that I asked him to let me try. He agreed and sat down on the couch. I got on top of him and gently started rubbing his cock. He wasn’t sure what to do with his hands while I managed to slip his cock into my pussy. It was super hard and it felt good.

I started riding his cock and only then his hands were all over my legs and ass. Couple of moments later I noticed that he was looking away from me. I put my hands on his shoulders and started riding him faster. He was grunting, grabbing, looking away but then he couldn’t hold it any longer and looked at me while he came all over my ass.

We stayed like that for a couple of minutes. I guess the warmth of another body was nice at that moment. He thanked me and said it felt really good.