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#NYC 3rd Vcard Collected! Helped him gain confidence

So last week I was looking for my next vcard to collect. After countless days and hours of reading and replying, I finally had clicked really well with a 22yr old cute boy in Sacramento. We exchanged face photos eventually and soon after Skyped. When we Skyped later on in the week our conversation was so fluid and natural. He was super cute, innocent and we clicked really well. We set a date to meet the day after I finished my finals.

Fast forward a few weeks, after keeping in touch, we made a plan to meet in the city for a coffee and then walk back to the hotel he booked. I wore a cute sundress with some sexy lingerie underneath. As I walked into the coffee shop, I see him sitting down at the far corner, with an over night bag. We hugged when we met and he made a comment about how nice I smelt and how beautiful I looked. He was so shy that he couldn’t even say the word sex. It’s a good thing we met for coffee first, he started to get more comfortable around me over the hour. We held hands as we walked to the hotel together.

When we got to the hotel, I excused myself to quickly go to the bathroom to take my sundress off and surprise him. When I walked out in my lingerie (that doesn’t leave much to the imagination), he just sat there starstruck not knowing what to do. It was super cute. I walked towards him sat on his lap and started to kiss him. I could feel him getting hard under his shorts which really turned me on. Eventually we’re both fully naked making out, I could feel him get nervous so I wanted to relax him. We got under the covers and started talking. We talked about various topics for about half an hour while cuddling. He eventually went to kiss me, and we started making out again.

I kissed my way down to his dick and started to give him a blowjob. He was slightly longer than average and decently thicker than my BF.

I tasted a little bit of his precum as his dick throbbed in my mouth. It was clear he had not masturbated for days before meeting, he seemed ready to explode. I kissed my way back up and slowly guided his hard dick into my wet pussy. The look on his face was priceless as I rode him. After grinding on him for a little while, I giggled and jokingly asked him how it felt to not be a virgin anymore.

He didn’t say anything back, his facial expression showed how amazing it felt to him. 5 seconds later, he asked: “Is it alright if I cum inside?”.

“Yes” I begged him as I started to slow down and come to a complete stop on his dick. I could feel him getting bigger ready to explode inside me.

I lay still on top of him but started to squeeze my muscles inside my pussy to try milk his dick (I practice kegels a lot). As soon as I feel the first spirt of his orgasm hitting deep inside me, I start to grind on him again while squeezing his throbbing dick through his orgasm.

I continued to fuck him even after he came, using his cum as lube; He was still quite hard and didn’t complain at all about it. The combination of the mental stimulation knowing i’m completely coated in his cum and his thick cock perfectly brushing my clit as I rode him, drove me to a moaning orgasm on top of him. I grinded to a stop and we started making out again. “That was fucking amazing” – he blurted out. We both naturally start giggling and continued kissing/talking.

He could not stop saying how beautiful I was – it was so cute!

We ended up having sex multiple times over the corse of the evening (he lasted much longer), ordered food in for dinner, and the entire night was mixture of sleepy sex and hazy sleep

He wanted to learn how to put on a condom correctly, so i taught him using one of the non latex condoms I brought. He wanted to see what sex with a condom felt like, but after a few minutes of us trying, he ended up going soft so we took it off. He couldn’t believe how much better it felt without.

I introduced him to the importance of clit stimulation during sex! Showing him how certain positions work naturally and how some require additional stimulation. It was a lot of fun!

We had taken a few videos and pics for verification.

The next day, we kissed goodbye in the lobby (after a very late checkout) and I took a Lyft home. We’ve been in touch for a few days since, and you could really tell how much more confident he’s become!


WANT TO BE #4 ?  

Tips for guys who write me, as I will be looking to do this again in the future:

  • Don’t message me saying “let me know if you’d ever be in insert name of city not said on advert. It’s very annoying
  • Don’t just messaging saying “Hi”.
  • The people who messaged with a picture of their face, and a little bit about them, were the ones that I properly took the time to reply to and get to know each of you.