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#OrangeCounty  Perfect First Time Experience

A few weeks back I joined this sitr searching for someone to ‘learn’ from, and truthfully I wasn’t expecting to get any messages. You could imagine my surprise when I got a message from someone decently close to my area.

We chatted for about two weeks, getting to know each other (lots of similarities!!!), teasing, and, of course, some nude sharing in preparation for our meet-up. It wasn’t until after I made the drive up, saw her and realized “fuck, shes somehow more beautiful than in her pictures”, that the nerves actually hit me.

We got ice cream and chatted for a good bit, getting a feel for each other irl and dancing around that mutual nervousness. She has a great laugh. It wasn’t until we got back to my place that I finally worked up the nerve to ask if we could hold hands (sinful, I know).

In the hotel room, we cuddled up and explored each other to the serenading sounds of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, playfully tracing around and past those more sensual places. Bit by bit, the clothes came off as we pushed further and further boundaries.

I was pleasantly surprised she’d taken such initiative, but I always knew my first time I’d be a bit paralyzed, so I’m glad she did. It didn’t hurt that she’s VERY good at teasing. The build up was a rotating cycle of masturbation, grinding, and head, which could best be described as “holy shit”, “holy fuck”, and “holy fucking shit”. I couldn’t believe that I had lasted as long as I did. I was doubly surprised I lasted well into our fucking.

Once I finished, we cuddled for a bit longer before I returned the favor. It was wildly hot watching her squirm and be so vocal. Hell, I would’ve been satisfied if that’s all we had done.

While we had planned to go more than one round, we got lost in the jokes and conversation that encompassed the last of our naked cuddling. It was time well spent. I took her home once we got dressed, hands still very much on each other, and we wished each other good night.

Honestly, I can’t imagine having had a better first time experience with anyone, and I’m super thankful to have met someone so kind, understanding, and fun to have this experience with. When you read this, I hope this is only the first in a long series of fun! 😊