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#Chicago Officially No Longer A Virgin

Hey everyone! I am happy to report that after a couple of weeks on this site and a few conversations, I am officially no longer a virgin :). The journey leading up to this event had plenty of ups and downs. I’d get excited everytime I’d get a message on, only to only to get ghosted in the middle of the conversation(why????). Nevertheless, after a while I finally got messaged by a one peculiar girl πŸ™‚

We’ve had a good casual conversation at first, then we moved into a different texting platform. We exchanged some pictures and decided that we should meet up one day. Unfortunately for a long time neither of our schedules would align, so we put if off for a bit. Eventually, the time came where we could finally meet in person.

After a day of work, I jumped on my motorcycle and went to a Cafe near Brooklyn Bridge Park where we finally met for coffee. It was already dark out, but we didn’t seem to mind. The conversation was great! We walked around the piers and talked for few hours and eventually I walked her back to a subway station, hugged and we parted ways. We continued texting and finally decided to meet up again.

A week later we decided to meet up again at my place, she comes over and walks into ly room and we layed on the bed for a bit. I was a bit awkward, not knowing how to make a move or what to do, and out of the blue she asks if I want to cuddle. I simply opened my arms, she put her head on my chest and we started to lightly touch each other. It didn’t take too long before we got more intimate. I’ve had my first kiss, which was excellent btw! (turns out I really enjoy kissing) and a few moments later clothes were flying a cross the room. I’ve thoroughly enjoying touching and exploring her body and I’m glad she enjoyed it too :).

After about 30 minutes of foreplay, we were both excited and I was ready to finally put the 30 year old hurdle behind my back. For the very first time I was on top and I’ve had a funnny time getting the angles right :). We tried a couple of positions and went on for quite a while. Without a question, doggie was by far my favorite. I’ve struggled with some performance anxiety throughout, but we played it off cool and had an amazing time together.

I don’t know when or how, but I checked the time and it was already 4:30 in the morning…. on a Sunday. Were both hot and sweaty, we decided it was probably enough for the night :). After we washed up, we turned off the lights and quickly fell asleep. It was our first, but definitely not a last time we’ll be together 😁

And that’s the short story of how it happened. I wish I was a better writer to paint a better picture but I guess this will have to suffice!

I’d like to thank the community for the warm support 😊, and to everyone still looking to change their status, keep your head up and don’t forget to keep working on yourself πŸ™‚