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#Chicago Took a 18 year old boy virginity and I let him creampie me a few times 

So this past week, I met yet another guy on here who tells me that his parents and little sister are down at the beach for the week, he has his house to himself because he couldn’t get off work. He asks me if I can come out to his town after work. I say sure, and take the train to his town in central jersey, where he picks me up at the train station. He starts talking to me about what he’d like to do, and it sounded like he had the impression I’d spend the night over (which I wasn’t aware of) so I had him stop by target so I could get some overnight supplies. Naturally I decide to get some clothes too, so I use the changing room, from where I FaceTime him so he can watch me change while chilling in the bathroom. He shows me his hard cock and I get horny so I wrap the trip up and checkout.

As soon as we get back in his car, I stick my hand down his shorts and start to play with and rub his cock and balls while he drives. I ask him how long to his house, he says 10 minutes, so I give him some road head real quick. He cums in my mouth and I swallow it.

We get back to his house, and I start to unpack some stuff in his bedroom. I ended up getting enough stuff at target that I could basically pitch up out there for the week with him and take the train into the city in the morning. He helps me get my stuff situated and we take our clothes off. We lay down in his bed together and start making out, with his hands active all over my ass, pussy and tits and mine on his abs, chest, and cock. As he grew rock hard, I laid him on his back and mounted his cock. I began to ride his cock, leaning forward on occasion so he can lick my tits and I can rub his balls. I synchronize my body to his and we achieve mutual orgasm – probably the first time I’ve ever done that with a virgin, which was remarkable (though I had just made him cum from head earlier).

We fucked two more times that night. He wanted to do missionary so that was next, and he was able to go for a good 20 minutes until he creampied me, his hip motion getting more coordinated as he thrusted his thick boycock deep inside me over and over. We took a shower together before bed and he tried doggy style in there, but eventually pulled me out the shower and bent me over his sink for better effect. We went to bed together and I fell asleep cuddling him with his cock in my pussy as I faced the Batman poster on his childhood bedroom wall. I woke up in the middle of the night to him pounding me again, and I grinded back on him, letting his boycock explode boycum deep in my pussy.

The next day, Tuesday, we woke up and I rode his cock again, before he took me to the train station. I went back to his place after work that night, and we ended up going to the movies together, which resulted in me sucking his cock for 90 out of 120 minutes. We also fucked on his deck after dark, as it was a beautiful night and he said he had a fantasy of outdoor sex. On Wednesday, he fucked me missionary style in the morning, I went back to him after work and sucked his dick in each room of his house, except for his sisters bedroom, and he fucked me hard on his parents bed. On Thursday, I gave him a handjob, blowjob and let him fuck me doggy style before work.

In the evening I came back to his place and he tried anal with me, but then after a shower fucked my pussy missionary style before bed. Friday resulted in morning cowgirl riding followed by work, and two more dickings in the evening. This morning we fucked one more time and I went back home, as his parents were on their way home.