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#Chicago My First Virgin Experience Was A Success

I thought I’d share my story as a positive experience. A friend of mines actually told me about this site so being the generous lady that I am, I figure I would give it a try and make some virgin’s day.

I think the biggest worry was developing feelings either way. Thankfully a long conversation about what we were going to do & whether we could both cope with it helped.

The sex was actually great. He was so stressed & anxious about being a virgin. He actually lost his “excitement” a few times – but this was fine. It just took a lot of support and patience teasing him slowly with an intimate massage & building things up more & more.

Reflecting back on it, I actually love how much he enjoyed – it made it really hot to take his virginity. I was so worried it was going to be awkward but actually it wasn’t. Mostly because so many guys & virgins messaged me with advice which I massively appreciated. I totally plan on doing it again, so dont be shy message me. ☺