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#Dallas Lost My Virginity Today. Thank God For This Site


Okay so before I found this site I was a complete virgin. Like a super virgin, never held a girl hand, never kissed a girl, never so much as even flirted with a girl. 

Every time I saw people on social media sharing their “relatable” sex stories it would fill me with so much fucking pain.

I remember I remember thinking to myself that<span;> if I could just get laid once I would be at peace for the rest of my life. Out of nowhere, one late night I come across this site and  I made the decision to join and my life has been changed.

Within 2 weeks I met a girl on here who stays almost a hour and from the moment we started messaging we hit it off instantly.  We met up a few days later and did the dirty deed and sex is egen better than I imagined it would be.

<span;>I know I said that I would be happy if I got laid at least once but truth is, getting laid is like eating lay’s potato chips you can’t eat just one.  Having sex feels so gooood.

Most importantly I love the time we are spending together.  We can lay and laugh and talk for hours. Im really hope this girl becomes my girlfriend.

<span;>Anyway, I hope this will inspire some people to not give up because I know being a virgin is living in  a really dark and depressing place sometimes.