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#LosAngeles Let another virgin give me a facial today

So… out of all the virgins I sucked from this site so far this guy had the biggest cock and he also made me work for it! Average blowjob time for me is probably around 2 to 3 minutes but I was going down on him for 40 MINUTES and he was still holding fucking strong, ROCK HARD!!! I’m determined though and I was creaming my thong so much that I LITerally felt it dripping down my thighs! He was sitting back on the couch and I was between his legs on my knees,(tits out ofc😘). I was working all my moves  and he BLASTED my face so fucking hard! It was the best fucking facial I’ve ever gotten!!! It was the perfect mixture of thick and liquidy! It had been an hour blowjob!  Fuck it was so good that it inspired me to think about all of my past Facials and write this post! haha!