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#Sacramento Made a 19 year old pathetic virgin my Pet/ Fuck Toy for the weekend

Last week I got a message from a 19 year old virgin begging me to take his virginity. So I made him a deal. I would agree to take his virginity under the condition that he agrees to be my slave for the weekend and do whatever I tell him to do like the pathetic loser her is.

So after a week of texting and flirting and him telling me how bad he wants to worship me. Eventually that culminated to us meeting up at his place the past weekend. He picked me up and drove me to his house.

It didnt take long before he was on his knees worshiping his master.  We spend the the weekend spanking, whipping, gagging, feet worshiping , tied up , blue balling and spanking  ans making him lick every inch of my body. and doing everything mommy tell him to do.

After 2 days of being a good little pet for me I decided it was finally time to reward him for his good behavior.   I put on my lingerie and let him fuck  me and have my body anyway possible he  desired to. Nothing was off limit. He loved the experience as well as I.

It was a great weekend and soon I will be looking for my next victim.