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#LosAngeles 23 yr old virgin always fantasized about losing his virginity to a Asian. So I made his dreams come true.

Hey babes im back again with yet another success story that will hopefully cheer you guys up and lighten everyone’s mood during this quartine.

So last week I was on the hunt for my 6th victim virginity to take 😈. I chose this one who guy who told me he has a serious fetish for Asian girls and it would mean the world to him if I gave him his first time experience.

We met in a public place and talked a bit. Everything was looking good so we decided go back to his place.

As soon as we got into his room we wasted no time. He took off his shoes and layed down. I joined him on the bed, laying down, and pulling him next to me. We were face to face, our lips drawing together slowly, until the excitement both of us had erupted into a passionately deep kiss, our bodies grinding against one another like two uninhibited animals.

I knew I needed to slow down. This was his first time, and there was no way he could handle my slutty side. I broke off the kiss and rolled to my back, removing my jeans and panties, and placing his hands just above my tits.

I wanted him to explore my soft skin with his strong hands. He needed to feel my warmth, and how my body jumped when his fingers scraped against my jagged nipples.

Then he moves slow, looking up at me the further he went, still unsure of how fast or how far to go.

I could see his nerves pulsing in the veins in his temples. He needed me to take control, to lead him through this frightening journey.

I sat up, removing his shirt, exposing his muscular chest and flat stomach. Brian was pretty sexy, and though I wanted to pounce, I took my time releasing him from the rest of his clothing, until both of us sat facing the other, naked, excited, nervous.

Laying him down, I slowly kissed my way down his body, tasting his manly scent, until I moved between his legs, spreading them with my hands so I could position myself face to face with his ridiculously hard cock.

Speaking of his cock. It was nice and fat, and well trimmed. I cupped his balls with my hand, squeezing the tightness of them until his dick jumped with anticipation.

I began by licking the length of his shaft, easing my tongue over the rigid veins, swirling his purple tip, before engulfing half of it between my lips.

This was more than what he was prepared to handle. He gave out a weak cry, and I jumped back, hoping this little game wasn’t about to end before it got started. His cock jerked up and down, convulsing as he fought to will his load back down the shaft, and somehow he managed to stop it, only allowing a small trickle leak from his purple head.

I laid back down next to him, whispering for him to calm down, doing my best to talk him off this ledge that he’d been climbing toward since his first hard-on.

It took a couple of minutes, but finally, he was ready to proceed. He rolled himself on top of me, sucking my nipples as he let his stiffness brush against my excited opening.

I don’t think I’d ever wanted a cock to get inside me as much as I did at that moment. He had no clue, but he was teasing the fuck out of my pussy, and all I could think was that dick had never tasted the sweet warmth of a tight hole, and I wanted to hurry and be the first.

The he positioned himself above me, trying to find my hole without guiding himself in, pressing against the putter rim of my lips, just missing that sweet spot I hoped he’d find.

I could take no more. I reached between us and gripped his cock, easing it into my body until his heavy balls pressed up against my tiny asshole.

The wetness pouring from my body was almost embarrassing. That thought of his virgin dick having my velvety walls be the thing he would compare to all other women, turned my body into a mushy, creamy, pile of uninhibited sex.

I pressed against him as he pulled away, sucking his fat dick back into my body, wrapping my hands around his next to prevent him from leaving my pussy wanting more.

I don’t even know how long this lasted. Minutes? Hours? Time was all confused as I fantasized about Brian on his wedding night, judging his bride’s pussy against mine.

His breath quickened, and beads of sweat gathered at the base of his neck as he made a futile attempt at speeding up his pace.

“Oh my God, Izzy, I can’t hold it,” he moaned with wife, terrified eyes.

“It’s okay,” I assured him. “Just let it go. I want to feel your cum inside me.”

Those words triggered years of built up anticipation. One, thick, molten stream gushed inside my pussy, coating my walls until I could barely feel his dick as he pushed and pumped years worth of cum into my fertile body.

I was overflowed. Between my insane wetness, and his bucket of jizz, our juices seeped from around his quivering shaft, running down my ass, staining my bed so much that it looked like both of us pissed everywhere.

I held him as he came down, and lightly kissed his arms and chest, assuring him that his pleasure had given me all I needed, and he could walk out this door a man, never having to wonder what the inside of a woman feels like. He was now a man.