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#Houston 32 Years Of Virginity Finally Came To A End

ust wanted to drop by one last time on here and give a quick story about how I lost my virginity thanks to this dating site

So a little about me. Before joining this site I was a 30 year old virgin. I’ve never done anything beyond kissing, mostly due to lack of confidence. I’ve also put on a few extra pounds over the years which amplified my lack of confidence and prevented me from pursuing anything sexual due to fearing how women would react.

So after a few weeks of being on this site I finally got a message from a woman who loved my profile and made her laugh. ( QUICK TIP: guys if you want responses, take your time and write a quality profile )

We hit it off immediately, we must of spend the whole night talking and laughing about everything under the sun and she agreed to come over to my place the next day and take my V-card.

From the moment she walked through the door in my mind all i was thinking is ” WOW how on earth do I have a chance with this woman!” She brought over drinks and we spend about 45 minutes drinking and laughing

Eventually we made our way to having sex, which was SUPER AMAZING. I lasted about 10 minutes and she told me I did a very good job for my first time. Throughout the night we continued to drink and we went a couple of more rounds.

She was too drunk to drive home so she stayed the night and we spent all night laughing, being goofy and having sex. We didn’t fall asleep till almost 7am.

We had so much fun. Being a virgin fucking sucked and I was heavily considering just hiring a escort to lose it before I joined this site. But i’m happy I didn’t because if I did, I wouldn’t of met this wonderful lady.

Not only did I lose my virginity but I think I just found my future wife. We both love animals so we planned a date to the zoo next week wish me luck guys!


User: DeathtoPandaz