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#Chicago Gave Him His First Ever Blowjob….( SPOILER ALERT: I Swallowed )

Met a super friendly guy on here who is a engineering student at Salford. SoI invited him over to my place to take his blowjob virginity.

When he came over I wasted no time leading him to my bedroom as soon as he walked in. He stared shaking when I pulled his pants down but I wasted no time and just went to town licking at his dick with little licks until he was fully hard.

I put the guy’s hand on my head and started sucking and bobbing my head, moaning around his cock. It was pretty average but that just makes it fun to deepthroat. He was in pieces and dug his fingers into my hair until he got the point and fucked my face. I just went still and let him use me, just flicking my tongue and sucking when I could. He came down my throat and I barely stopped to swallow when the other pushed his way in front of me.

Anyways that my story of virgin #3….will be in London for the weekend seeking guy #4 with a success story to share.