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#Boston Success! We Became Exclusive!



I have always been bad at writing up long stories, so that is my best try. 😉 I been a member on this site for about 2 months and didn’t expect too much out of it, as there don’t seem to be too many users from the Boston area, let alone women. 😉

Eventually I got two dms… I responded to the first one first because, you know, they were first. Anyways, we dm’ed we talked and we hit it off pretty well and made plans to meet. So I didn’t make plans with the the other dmer. Anyways, She was a lot more experienced than me. And the whole thing went so well that we kept seeing each other almost everyday. We had a very good vibe with each other. So good that a week later we became exclusive. A week after that I asked her to be my girlfriend. And two weeks after that we moved in together. And it’s been great. We decided that the first day we messaged each other is our official day. So starting from then we’ve been together over three months now. Almost four.

And we’re very happy together.

That’s my story.

This site is a great way to meet people if you are inexperienced.

MY ADVICE TO GUYS WHO ARE STILL LOOKING: I tried to write out my  profile in a way that I’d be okay with if my close friends or family saw it. Kinda like for a dating app sort of. And honestly I’d recommend doing the same to any of you.  Yes we are all virgins for obvious reasons but don’t come off as a horny and depressed dude,  . Best of luck to any of y’all and try your best to be the best version of yourself!

Have a great day