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#OrangeCounty 26 year old engineering student suffering from depression/loneliness loses his virginity to a beautiful woman.❤

As i am writing this message I am still in complete shock that I actually met a girl on this site who took my virginity so bare with me as I try to get all the things I want to say….


Back story about me : I was suffering from depression / anxiety/ loneliness due to child hood trauma and truthfully I was tired of life and was desperate for a life experience with the opposite sex.

Whats even worst is that im the only guy out of my friends who is still a virgin. It’s kind of a running joke for them which doesn’t help the situation at all.

Joining the site: truth be told I, joined this site out of a whim, I didn’t actually expect for me to actually meet a girl to take my virginity. To be honest even if a girl would of just said hello to me it would of meant the world.

About a week of joining I got a response from whom might be the most beautiful woman who has ever spoken to me in my entire life. I didnt respond right away because I thought she was fake. I thought to myself there is no way in hell a girl this hot would be interested in hooking up with some loser like me .

The first message i sent her was ” no offense but are you real” she responded laughing and assured me she was real and gave me her snapchat to verify. In the days building up to our meet, we talked about the things we wanted to do together and we shared a couple of intimate pictures. Her body and figure was absolutely amazing, and I could not wait anymore. We decided the day and time to meet.

Meeting up: On the way to her airbnb, I picked up some wine but I was really nervous about meeting her and having sex for the first time.

Once I was there, she opened the door and she was in a very cute pink dress and looked beautiful. We sat down, opened the wine and got to know each other more. She could tell I was really nervous, but she was very chatty so that helped and definitely didn’t make it feel awkward. We talked about my education, future career, her career and her plans. After drinking some more wine, and once my nerves had calmed down a little, we slowly moved over to the bedroom. She made me feel really comfortable, and took things slow but also told me that we can stop at any point if I don’t feel comfortable and want to leave and we can just try another day. We started off by kissing slowly and touching each other. She told me that I was a really good kisser, which definitely boosted my confidence. She took her dress off and I took off my shirt. Her body was absolutely stunning, curvy and I could not take my eyes off her. She asked me how her breasts and joked like bag of sands right from the 40 year old virgin movie, but I didn’t quite get it as I haven’t seen it but maybe some of you might get it haha.

She gave me oral, from which I orgasmed from within a minute. We had a little break, after which I gave her oral and she said it was the best she has ever had, which is probably a lie but it was a huge confince booster lol. But I really enjoyed pleasuring. I know I wanted to lose my virginity to her, she had perfect with me so far and I felt really comfortable with her. We then had sex in a few different positions. We were both unable to orgasm from penetration but she made me from oral. We both really enjoyed it and talked whilst cuddling to almost 4am in the morning.

The best part of the night was her letting me take pics for souvenirs and verification.


I have left out a lot of details because i could write a whole book on how amazing the nigbt was but I will let the pictures speak for itself. I spent the past 30 mins trying to rephrase it all and don’t have time to keep doing that so I’ll just leave it at this but you get the point aha.

I definitely feel more confident in myself and my depression is practically gone, I wake up now extremely motivated and ready to conquer the world now. I appreciate that she had been so understanding of my situation, making it seem a lot easier. People may say that I should have waited for someone special, but I honestly preferred this as I’m quite career focused at the moment and I’m not really looking for anything serious right now as well.

Some tips to others looking to lose their virginity on this site.

Don’t just message others with a one liner, put effort into your message, unfortunately guys you are outnumbered on here and so you need to stand out and they need to know you are serious.

Also you could verify yourself in the message, just so they know you are genuine it helps alot.