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#Philly Was Looking to Drop a Hot Load, Ended Up With a Hot GF

Got some good news. Someone has finally seen my dongaroo, and it’s all thanks to this site. About two months back, I got a message notification in my email, while being unwilling to jump straight into sex, said she lived in the bronx and was still willing to meet with me and talk about my lack of dating and sexual history, as well as fake date a little bit and help me find someone. We talked on snap, and as we started talking, we started realizing that we had a TON in common. Fake date number one came around, we both clicked crazy hard, and after about a week of talking and another date and some hanging out, we officially started dating for real. We’ve been a couple for about three weeks now, and, yes, we’re sexually active. She makes me insanely happy whenever I’m around her, and I never would have met her if I didnt join thie website. A big thanks  for making me happier than I can ever remember being, I hope other people can find what I did here – it’s way better than a one night stand would have been.

My advice to anyone who still seeking to cash in their vcards is to   write meaningful messages and put effort into it. Writing “hi im 23 M 160lbs 5’10” message me” is not going to motivate anyone to want to talk to you. Have fun with your messages and pack as much of your personality as you can in there. My girlfriend said she only responded to me because when she read my message she could see getting along with someone who writes the way I do, and I got other offers as well that I ended up turning down (I was taken at that point). Be conversational, take risks, and really put yourself out there and you’ll increase your chances at finding someone to touch the tally wacker.