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#LosAngeles Shy dork, white guy finaly lost his virginity. The experience was everything I hoped for.

Before joining this site I was a 27 year old virgin with no luck with women. I’ve tried everything ( dating sites, social media, to craigslist ) and nothing worked out. I never thought growing up I would have this much trouble and frustration with women. I was tired of this shit.
So i discovered this site one night while watching educational videos on Pornhub lol and to be honest I joined out of desperation, I didn’t think this site was real and even if it was, I didn’t think in a million years any girl would even write me back. To my surprised I was shocked when I got 3 replies within 2 days of joined the site.

But I wound up meeting and losing my virginity to who I think is one of the most genuine girls I’ve ever met in my life.

I can’t sing enough praises of the woman I met on this site She was beautiful, funny, vulnerable, smart, and talented (I hope to buy her art). She smelled and tasted like heaven (again, didn’t think I’d like pubic hair, but it smelled so damn good). And I will be forever grateful to her for treating me like a human being with needs, emotions, imperfections, and curiosity.

I must say it was a life changing experience. I learned a lot about myself, my preferences, and my needs. Turns out, I like intimacy more than screwing. I like giving (eating out) more than receiving. I didn’t keep track but if i had to guess, I would say we must of had sex for almost 3 hours, with breaks in between of course.

Afterwards we layed and pillow talked all night about our lives and just enjoyed each other’s company. I will be providing pictures for proof shorty.