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#SanJose SUCCESS! Took Someone’s Virginity And It Was Great

Hey everyone, just met up with user:Sinnerthegta. After reading his backstory to in his bio to why he was still a virgin at 27 it really touched my heart and  I just had to reward him after his hard work he put into his profile.

So here’s what happened. He came over. I offered him a beer. We each took a few sips and then he moved in. We were making out against my dining room table. It was great. One thing led to another and we moved it to my bed but honestly neither of us wanted to stop kissing each other. Eventually though we made it to my room. He asked if I could teach him how to go down on me and I gladly accepted. By the end he had me absolutely begging to get a taste of his cock. Finally he was merciful enough to stop and let me blow him. I’m damn good at going down but even I came up short in the deepthroat department.l because his dick was just such a mouthful. I was so close though (I’ll get it next time) I gave him a sloppy blowjob and alternated sucking his balls. At some point I realized it felt like he was holding back so I take my mouth off his cock and say “Ya know, you can be rough with me”. HOO BOY. RIP my throat. He didn’t last long though and when he came he didn’t hold back at all and it was amazing.

After about 5 minutes he was hard again! I got in the doggy position and told him to fuck me. Honestly feeling him sliding in to me and immediately start fucking me hard is one of the highlights of 2019 for me thus far. He came in a condom and we laid there for a while cuddling and talking. I couldn’t believe my luck but he was still hard. With a fast handjob and some neck kissing/sucking he ended up cumming all over my chest. So he came three times that night in total. We both cleaned up and then cuddled for a while again. Eventually he had to go home but not before agreeing he needed to come over again ASAP