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#SanDiego Gave a virgin his first BJ this afternoon

USER: FeedMePeckers092

Good afternoon everyone! So I finally had some time to talk about the success I had here last week. First off I’d like to say thank you to all the amazing offers I got! I got enough that I could probably take one v-card every day for a year and still have guys left over lol. But anyways now onto the story.

So the nice young man ( who wishes to remain anonymous so  we’ll call him Alex ) was a 19 year old student from a local university. We chatted a bit on here when he replied and really hit it off since we seemed to share similar interests and he really liked my cosplay. So after our chat we exchanged numbers and set a date.

On the day of I’m of course very excited the whole time up until I can take lunch and head on over. I then headed over to a nearby restaurant still in my work clothes to meet with Alex. Once there we sat down to chat a little while we ate a quick lunch. He seemed adorably embarrassed at first but once we started chatting more about anime and other things he started to open up more. Once i asked was he ready to head over to my place he got bright red again I think because he remembered what came next ☺️.

Once we got to my place ( ill be light on the details and pet the picture speak for its self ) within 2 minutes of putting my mouth on his cock the deed was done and I gotta say though, his load was HUGE!. He was again super embarrassed and kept apologizing for cumming without giving me more of a warning but I just licked his cock clean and said it was no big deal. It’s what’s expected from a first timer. Btw if you’re wondering why we didn’t go all the way it’s because it’s that time of the month for me.

Overall I give this experience a 10/10. It feels good knowing that i left a imprint in a guy’s life he will carry on for the rest of his life. Can’t wait until I have more free time to help another virgin and go all the way next time.