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Hello everybody i am


Age: 28


About me:

I wanna start off by saying I have a re hardcore fetish for male virgins.

I no idea how this turn-on of hers came to be, but I love the idea of being somebody’s first and giving them a nice first time. So far I have taken 5 guys virginity here and they have all been guys in the 20+ age range who are shy/awkward around women, have social anxiety, have low self-esteem, or all of the above. A few of them have kept in contact with me and said that what she did helped them immensely in the sense that it gave them more confidence and boosted their self-esteem, and those ones who told us that are in happy relationships now.

I am a v very sweet and caring person by nature. You can come to my place in the morning or early afternoon, and spend the day just casually hanging out with, getting to know one another and easing their jitters, talking lots and watching a movie or two together, things like that. I don’t want their first time to just be mechanical, emotionless sex; i will make sure you have an intimate and loving first time and will kiss/cuddle/talk with you in bed before the main event and for a long time afterwards. You can even stay overnight, and sleep with me so you could have the full experience of being with a woman. I also has an IUD, so if you want. You’re able to have a natural first time without a condom and finish inside me. ( if you provide paper work to show me you’re clean)

If you’re interested. Feel free to message me!