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Hello everybody i am


Age: 20


About me:

Hey there!

I’m 20F and a uni student. I love history, gaming, model building (military scale replicas), film, reading books, and.. well, virgins. 🤣

I’m seeking a guy to help out. I listen to a lot of music and have recently been playing way too much Civ 6 and Factorio for my own good… brings me back to the few months I spent only playing Morrowind (talk TES lore to me :p). I’d say I have an elite sense of humour and arguably great taste. I also consider myself pretty open minded towards most people :))

What’s the catch? I can’t say there is one. This is entirely free, and legitimate (I swear I won’t link to a random pay-for-nudes website in the middle of a convo). Additionally, I’m genuinely enthusiastic about my interests and honestly prefer the chatting/getting to know each other phase. I find it extremely cute/hot/alluring/awesome when somebody I’m talking to is passionate about their interests or hobbies. When their eyes light up when they’re talking and they uncontrollably start to smile and get hyped about it. That is 💯💯

About you: male (or not, I’m bi, doesn’t bother me), kind-hearted, nerdily-inclined, aged 18-35 (flexible on that one +35.. depending on personality – but strictly nobody U18, seriously I will block you if you’re a minor), and able to host. Of course, first meeting will be at a bar/coffee shop/etc after a few texts or discord conversations. Height doesn’t bother me (youll actually find most girls don’t care about it!). Oh, and you have to live in San Antonio or the surrounding areas. (Sorry!!)

I want to get to know you through your personality more than anything. I think that matters most for me in a partner/friend/???

So… hit me up and maybe this becomes something serious? Are you the shy gamer boy of my dreams?

P.S. I swear I’m not a vampire.