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Hello everybody i am


Age: 29


About me:

Looking for a virgin to play with.

To preface – I am not single. If I host my bf might be home. He can be present or in a separate room and everything will be discussed beforehand.

Things that will help you get picked:

  • Ok with taking pics / videos (your face doesn’t have to be shown – Not required, but preferred)
  • Ok with bf being in room (not required!)
  • Ok with not using a condom (not required, but preferred)
  • Ok with creampies (not required, but preferred again)
  • Being HWP
  • Being at least mildly attractive
  • Having a larger cock (again – not a requirement. Be honest and provide proof if asked or if not provided in initial message.)
  • Giving a good response (pictures, stats, a tad about yourself. Just a few sentences. No deserving attitudes, no condescending talk, no expectations.)
  • Have a car. Sorry, but all of you people who can’t travel make things really difficult. If you can find a way to get here that’s fine OR if you live close to us then we can come over or she can maybe be dropped off for a while.
  • Be clean.

Pretty much don’t be creepy, be OK looking, don’t be a flake.

I don’t respond I apologize. I’m either not interested or have not had a chance to view your message. Responding to everyone becomes difficult.