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Hello everybody i am


Age: 25


About me:

Hi, inexperienced dudes. Hope y’all are all having a nice weekend so far.

It’s probably pretty clear why you’re on this site, but what about me? Well, basically, because I’d like to meet a nice person who could use a helping hand getting his sex life started. Maybe you’re really shy, maybe you don’t feel great about your looks, maybe for whatever reason it just hasn’t happened yet – it’s all cool. I won’t judge; let’s talk about it. I’m hoping to meet somebody who’s curious about sex, and very much interested in learning and trying new things, but who’d also like there to be a human connection first. Something like a FWB where the F part actually exists, because sex is a lot more fun with someone you connect with.

So let’s get a beer, talk about Star Trek and Dark Souls (or live music and art films, if you’re some kind of cool kid), see if we make each other smile, and then maybe hang out and fool around on the regular.

You: a virgin, any age 18+, any appearance, kind, respectful, curious, live near me  (or nearby – sorry, faraway dudes, really looking for somebody local!), and looking to try new things with somebody you feel comfortable with.